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We believe in a start to finish dog grooming process that focuses on each individual furry friend. Working this way, we are able to minimize or eliminate time spent in a crate. All dogs are hand dried; no cage drying. Keeping our environment comfortable, calm, and safe is our priority.

Prices are subject to change based on (but not limited to) dogs temperament, coat type, and coat condition. Click here for a list of prices by breed. Dogs must be up to date and show proof of rabies vaccination.

Our bath and brush service includes a wash with our high quality shampoos, conditioner, blow dry, brushing, nail trim, ear cleaning, and optional finishing spray. We can also do deshedding treatments for +$10!

Perfect for between grooms, our touch up package includes a full Bath & Brush service plus hair trimming on the face, feet, and sanitary area.

Get all of the Bath & Brush services plus an all-over haircut for your dog! Our certified groomer is familiar with countless breed-specific haircuts, pet styles, and new style trends to give your pup the perfect look. We work closely with your requests to achieve the look that you love for your dog!

No appointment needed for the following services! Stop by during business hours for that quick touch up!

  • Nail trim or file — $10
  • Ear clean and/or ear hair removal — $5
  • Brushing / dematting — $7 per 15 mins.
  • Sanitary trim —$10