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Our groomer is also a certified cat groomer! We offer a quiet environment and gentle grooming methods to provide a minimal stress visit for your feline friend.

All cats must be current on their rabies vaccinations as per state law. We will need proof of vaccination upon your cat’s first appointment. Please note that prices are subject to change based on temperament and coat condition.

Our haircut only service includes a haircut, paw pad trim, nail trim, and ear cleaning. This option is great for most cats who need help with hair management or have become matted, but don’t do well with baths. Our groomer is experienced with providing all types of haircut styles for cats, including the lion cut, comb cut, dragon cut, and more.

Our bath package includes a wash with our high quality shampoos, cat-friendly conditioner, a blow or towel dry, nail trim, ear clean, and brush out. Perfect for when your cat just needs freshening up!

Our spa package includes a wash with our high quality shampoo, cat friendly conditioner, blow or towel dry, nail trim, ear cleaning, paw pad cleanup (if needed), and a full haircut.

No appointment is needed for any of the following services!

  • Nail trim — $10
  • Ear cleaning — $5
  • Belly or sanitary trim — $10
  • Brushing / mat removal — $7 per 15 mins.
  • Cat nail caps and application —$20
  • Cat nail cap APPLICATION ONLY — $5